Become a member

Kvinnojouren Kiruna (Kiruna Women’s Shelter) is run as a non-profit organization by volunteers. As a member of Kvinnojouren Kiruna, you can take part  in training and courses that we organize, you can learn about how our work is done and if you wish you can engage and participate in the daily work at Kvinnojouren Kiruna.

All women are more than welcome to become members and also to work as volunteers. Read more here.

Men are welcome to become supportive members. But, because of the fact that the women who seek our help, often have had bad experiences in men, men can not actively engage in our work at Kvinnojouren Kiruna. However, your support is important and we encourage support memberships. Look at it as your contribution to the important work against violence against women.

How to become a member

Pay the membership fee to our bankgiro. Mark the payment with your name and email address or your name and phone number.

Bankgiro: 5655-4199

Membership fee: 100 SEK / year