Do you feel threatened, violated or controlled?

It may be by your partner, former partner or family

Do you need to talk to someone about your situation?


FearYou can call us between 18-22 pm, but we also answer daytime when we have the opportunity to talk. It’s our rules to keep all conversation secret and we all strictly follow this rules. If you want, you can talk anonymously. Also you can email us or send a message on our Facebook page.

Kvinnojouren Kiruna
Phone: 0980-195 00

National support phone
Women’s Women’s Line, around the clock: 020-50 50 50

For emergency support or sheltered accommodation

Call the social service in your municipality or 112 after office hours!


Here you can read some information in other languages:


The information is obtained from Kvinno- och tjejjouren Somaya.

If you are exposed to violence

  • Tell someone near you what is happening to you
  • Write a diary to make it easier to remember what happened
  • Consult a doctor to document your damages
  • Call Kvinnojouren to talk to women who listen and believe in your story
  • Do not believe that it will never happen again
  • Make an escape plan to get away quickly if it becomes acute
  • Make a police report. The sooner the better!

Violence against women is a crime!

You are entitled to:

  • your own body
  • your own thoughts
  • to live a life without violence and oppression
  • to decide if and whom you want to marry
  • to be listened to
  • to have the friends you chose

You are entitled to respect and freedom!