Each time you visit a website, information is stored on your computer

If you are afraid that someone will see you entered our page, you can remove the footsteps from your computer.

Look for what browser you’re using, it’s in the top of the window. Then follow the instructions for each browser.


Internet Explorer

In the Tool, select Internet Options.

Click the Delete Files button.

Then click the Clear history.




Click the wrench in the top right and select History.

Click Clear all browsing data and select The past day.

Tick all boxes. Press OK.




In the Tools , select Clear Sensitive Data.

Make sure the following options are ticked; Browser History, Saved Form Data, File Download History, Cookies, Cache.

Then click Clear Now


Netscape Navigator

In the Edit menu  select Preferences.

Click the Clear Location Bar button.

Then click the Clear history button.




In the History menu, select Clear history.